Hill's Fine Foods

Only the finest quality foods, reasonably priced, ethically sourced, reliably delivered.

Longridge in Lancashire is home to a group of us who share your passion for quality fine foods. Hill’s is a family owned business that takes pride in knowing that we deliver on our promises to a host of discerning hoteliers, restaurateurs, head chefs, caterers and delicatessens across the north of England.

What sets us apart is that not only do we know your business but that we take the time to listen to you. Our clients challenge us everyday to find new and exciting flavours to delight the taste buds of those they serve. It is through meeting those challenges that we have created a network of trusted suppliers that enables us to offer you this broad range of all that is good in food.

Contact us now to experience our quality and service for yourself.

Hills Fine Foods - Paesana Olives
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